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The Bigger the Better


Have you ever walked down the street on a beautiful day and have someone gracefully walk past you and you can't help but notice the beautiful necklace sitting on her chest?  Chances you have, because that's the exact impact it's suppose to leave you with.  Statement accessories are accessories that are larger in size but have ...

Sephora’s Universal Atomizer


Sometimes in the process of being allured by a sweet perfume or spicy cologne we forget all about the packaging of the fragrance. We end up with a bottle that isn't always functional. In other words, the bottle isn't a spray or the bottle is too large that it cannot take it with us for a busy travelling lifestyle. The origina...

A Facial Workout


A Facial Workout Give your face a workout! Just like your body, you can tone and rejuvenate your face with the right exercise.s Did you know that you have more than 40 different muscles in your face? Try giving your face a well-deserved deep facial massage. Your face will love you for it. Let's get started! Step 1. - Smile...

Feelings and Gen Y


In life, many goals are direct and there is a clear line of sight. When you aspire to get your dream job you choose the right school, take the right courses, attain certificates, and network with the people that will get you where you want to go. When you aim to get a new car you put in the hours, stack up the money, accrue the ...

Beauty sleep suffers from technology


Blessed with the great advantages of technology, our generation is able to remain up-to-date and in the know about anyone or anything they desire. If it's an update on a soccer game that is happening at the other end of the world, or if Beyonce has just released a new hit, you can be informed. Our smartphones and tablets have ma...

Dealing with Routine Parental Questions


The transitions in life are never easy as you are growing up. Nor are they easy for the surrounding people, and that includes your parents. Bridging the gap between childhood and the teenage years, you either continue on the pampered childhood train or you forcefully take charge and dive into the adolescent teenage role. After a...