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Charming Chloe & Celine Bags


The Chloe brand has always been known in the haute couture world for its beautiful ready to wear collections. When the brand was born in 1945, the concept of “ready-to-wear,” haute couture has also just emerged, and some say that it is the designer Gaby Aghion herself that pioneered this concept through her designs. However,...

Science & Technology vs THE FACE SHOP Solutions


Science cannot resolve everything. Sometimes you have to rely on good-old-mother nature to help us in our day. The South Korean cosmetic industry is known for its expertise in performing flawless plastic surgery that allows the recipient to adjust the features they wish to change. Whether it be their eyes, nose, or cheek bones, ...

Bra necessity run down


Bras make you feel sexy, look sexy, and even support your breast’s health by gently lifting them and correcting your posture everyday. Aside from the number of benefits a girl should always have an array of bra essentials. Your bra collection should consist of 5 different styles that will be best suited for any occasion that i...

Money Smarts


Fashion is important to any typical lady out there, what we often look past is the amount of money we invest on all of our desires. Women spend a lot of money on everything from head to toe and it doesn’t help that retail stores know this. Retail stores know that with the right styles, materials and quality we will invest in t...

Day 2 Hair Solutions


Every girl as it hard, and hair does not make it any easier. Most ladies love the long hair but lets face it, it can be a huge hassle to manage, ESPECIALLY on bad hair days. We all get them once in awhile and when the day comes, it’s good to know what to do when it arrives. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just someon...

Travel Tips


Travelling for the first time can be both stressful and exciting. When should you pack? What do you bring? How much do you bring? Do you really need all those shoes? These questions may be occupying your mind a few days before your trip (or the day you’re leaving) but here are a few things I’ve picked out from something I li...