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Gen Y & Internships


Unfortunately, for the generation who is acclaimed to be innovative, ambitious, creative, and much more, our opportunities to optimize our talents is limited and most of the time unpaid! Students are quietly gearing up for a fight against unpaid internships on the basis that it just does not give them just means to sustain th...

Opinions & Relationships


Naturally, we are all raised to create or form some kinds of relationship and bonds with others. This has unfolded into many stages in our life and our network of close friends and family has extended vastly. Making many connections with people can often be in one’s favour especially when it comes to looking for opportunit...

Charcoal Cleansing Foam


Who ever said that purity is only in the form of lushy white foam? Cleanliness is typically associated with white, but “The Face Shop” Phyto Powder Foam Cleanser-Charcoal has taken a new approach to face wash mousse/cream. When you pop open the cap and rip off the seal you’ll see that your brand new face wash i...

Charming Chloe & Celine Bags


The Chloe brand has always been known in the haute couture world for its beautiful ready to wear collections. When the brand was born in 1945, the concept of “ready-to-wear,” haute couture has also just emerged, and some say that it is the designer Gaby Aghion herself that pioneered this concept through her designs. However,...

Science & Technology vs THE FACE SHOP Solutions


Science cannot resolve everything. Sometimes you have to rely on good-old-mother nature to help us in our day. The South Korean cosmetic industry is known for its expertise in performing flawless plastic surgery that allows the recipient to adjust the features they wish to change. Whether it be their eyes, nose, or cheek bones, ...

Bra necessity run down


Bras make you feel sexy, look sexy, and even support your breast’s health by gently lifting them and correcting your posture everyday. Aside from the number of benefits a girl should always have an array of bra essentials. Your bra collection should consist of 5 different styles that will be best suited for any occasion that i...